Black Lives Matter.

Use your voice. Whether you like it or not, this year will be written in history, your children and grandchildren will be educated of these events. They are going to ask what you did. Wouldn't it be embarrassing to tell our own children that you did nothing because you were uncomfortable? Posting a black square on Instagram is not enough. If you have posted a black square on Instagram, if you call yourself an activist at all, I invite you to do the following things to prove it:

Head to @theblackcurriculum on Instagram (this is UK specific) and email Secretary of Education Gavin Williamson about including colonialism and black history into the UK History curriculum. All you have to do is copy and paste the template on the page.

Other accounts on this topic: @fillintheblanksuk @readbyrachelaa who make awesome educational videos.

Keep donating, learning and educating. In today's world people are quick to say they're not racist and distance themselves from the problem. However, it is no longer enough to just say "I'm not racist" we need to actively be ANTI RACIST for racism is so deeply engrained in our society. Thank you for your time.

Link for donations:

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