Why 'Studysolutions'?

Updated: May 3, 2020

During my time in England I had two very different experiences: going into Year 10 I was the one of the new international students, however, later on when I was in Year 12 I found myself on the other side, I was now the one who knew both A Level and IB students whereas the new IB students didn't know the rest of our year group. From my own experience of joining in Year 10 and my friends experiences of joining in Lower 6th I wanted to create a resource for International Students to get a taste of how being at a boarding school is like.

Additionally, I wanted to create a platform for fellow IB students to get tips and to support each other (as we all know how overwhelming IB can sometimes be!). I hope this website will be helpful for some of you, if yes feel free to subscribe :)

My blog: This website as a whole is not supposed to be 'about me' or my personal views, I've tried to keep it mostly neutral. However, through this Blog section I am going to express more personal experiences / material I study beyond the syllabus. This is mostly for me, but I also thought it might be helpful to people interested in studying similar subject areas at Uni which is why I decided to upload some of it.

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