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Our Aims:

  • Insights into being an international student at an English boarding school

  • Platform to communicate with other IB students

  • Blog: Read articles about revision tips or ways to stretch yourself beyond your syllabus

Feel free to contact me via email to share your experiences or ask any further questions!



My subjects:

HL: History, German A, Music

                 SL: English A, Sports Science, Maths AI

Why I started this website:

My aim was to create a resource that helps students when joining an English boarding school or starting the IB. I would like it to be an open space for discussion; exchanging experiences and advice in two different areas, for prospective international students and IB students like myself because I personally felt like I can contribute most to these two areas. On my blog, you will probably find me writing about more than just these two areas though. I hope that this website will be useful and / or you can contribute positively to it.

note: i would like to ask for respectfulness and tolerance regarding the information on this website and the website as a whole, for it to be a positive space. thank you




Drop me an email if you would like to chat about any further questions :)


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